Happy Valentine’s Day!

16 Feb 2007 07:53 pm | Category: Celebrations

It’s our second real valentine’s day together. Even though we’ve had four together thus far, it’s only the second one that we’ve really spent together! The first one (2004) we’d only barely started seeing each other and so valentine’s day was spent with a group of friends. Second one together (2005), I was staying with my old roommate for a few days and it so happened that it overlapped with valentine’s day. So we had a little friendly valentine’s day dinner with her – 5 buck pizza shaped in a heart! Then last year (2006) we spent it together privately for the first time, also first time since we’d been married. This year was fun. We decided to start a little tradition with our Valentine’s Day celebrations. One year someone will arrange the meal while the other prepares the gift and the next year we switched. Last year I made us dinner (just spaghetti with meat sauce) and Eric bought me a gift (my wedding band). This year, Eric made us pan-fried Mahi-Mahi on a bed of bak choy sauteed with macadamia nuts, and top with stir-fried onions with a hint of lemon. Ooh! It was heavenly! I haven’t had good fish like that in a long time! I only bought him a bottle of sparkling cider. Looks like Eric scored two years in a row! It was really fun. Valentine’s Day may be a day commercialized by chocolates and Hallmark cards, but I like it all the same! Of course they always say that love should be celebrated everyday of our lives and not just this day. True, true. But something like Valentine’s Day to hype up the romance is fine too!

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