Snowboarding and pain

21 Feb 2007 08:09 am | Category: Eric, Sports

dsc00158So I (Eric) decided that since this is my senior year at BYU and it’s almost a given that we won’t be back in Utah after we’ve graduated that I’d take a snowboarding class. I mean, everyone says Utah has the “Greatest Snow on Earth”…I’m still not sold on that cause I’ve seen a lot of icy snow and not much powder in my time here. Anyway, so I’m taking this class and I’m having a great time. Before I have to enter the “real” world, it’s a lot of fun to learn something new. I have to say, rolling and smacking your head a few times cause an edge got caught can be really painful. But it’s all part of the experience right? The only problem is if you manage to strain your rotator cuff muscles enough that you seperate your shoulder and have to go to phyiscal therapy and the doctor. That stinks. The most annoying thing is that it didn’t hurt till a lot later that night. Then again, it may have been cause my head was ringing after that fall…who knows.



It’s been 3 weeks since I injured myself now, and the doctor says I can go and do anything I want to. The physical therapist says I can go snowboarding, I just have to take it easy and not fall. Falling I think is one of those things that sometimes is really out of your control. I’m going to go today cause I’ve now missed two classes (which I still have to make up…probably…my teacher’s really chill about it, so I might not have to). Hopefully I don’t fall too hard and injure my shoulder further. My next entry will either say “I survived” or “I’ve torn my shoulder and I need surgery”. Here’s praying for the first one.

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