Yet another week

17 Jun 2007 08:14 pm | Category: Eric, Sharn

So, one more week separated and we’ll be reunited again on Saturday! (June 23rd). It hasn’t been bad at all this past couple of weeks actually. I’ve basically immersed myself in work. I get up and go to work at eight in the morning. I come home around two in the afternoon, and prepare my lessons for the next day. Then go to work again in the evenings, and I don’t get done until 9:30 at night. By the time I shower, check my email again, etc, etc, it’s time for bed.

That’s basically the routine everyday except Fridays (no work on Fridays!) and the weekends. I just chill all morning on Fridays and then go to the Provo temple in the afternoons (it basically takes up the whole afternoon). And of course, thank goodness for Blockbuster online. =)

It’s not too bad, but I’ll probably be a more cheerful person with Eric around. So, just one more week!!

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