Mmmm…chicken rice…

19 Jun 2007 07:56 pm | Category: Food, Work

Nothing much exciting down here in California…all I do everyday is go to work…and play Brain Age on the Nintendo DS (my brain age is now 32!…only 12 more years to lose 🙂 ) Oh…I guess I also kinda clean the new apartment and sloooooowly unpack…as you can tell, I’m not very motivated. Hopefully when Sharn gets down here things will pick up (and not just cause she’s doing the work!)

Work is pretty much the same everyday: in the morning, I attend some meetings; in the afternoon, I write up what we talked about in the meeting and confirm the next days meetings. Ok, it’s not quite just that, but pretty much that’s the majority of my time. So far, the major screwup I’ve done is not check to see what time zone the client that we’re meeting with is in….(he was on MST and we’re on PST…) so you can guess what happened 🙂 talk about embarressing…my manager’s sitting there just waiting for the meeting to start and there’s no one to talk to cause they thought the meeting was an hour before!

The highlights of being down here are pretty much all the same…the food! 😀 You know what’s important to me besides my wife! So I’ve eaten at this great Americanized Greek place called the Athena Grill. Their fries have made it into my top 5 favorite fries…ever. They’re that good. Besides that ‘ve had Red Robin Burgers (the burgers are good, but nothing that I’d have to go and eat) where they have one of the greatest ideas, bottomless fries! The fries just don’t stop coming! Definitely something that made my day. But the best food I’ve had was at this Malaysian/Singaporean place called Nyonya Bistro. I had Chow Kueh Teow one night and then I had chicken rice the next night. Ok, I’ll admit, it doesn’t compare to the food that you can get in Singapore but it’s the best I’ve had over here in America by far (not that I’m the expert either). Oh, and definitely better than Banana Leaf (another Malaysian/Singaporean place here in San Jose). The portions are a smaller than what you get at a regular american restaurant, so sorry to the ang mor, you might be a bit disappointed with the size. But for the rest of us, I think it’s just right so you don’t stuff yourself. So the next time someone comes to visit (who knows when that’ll be), we’ll go here!

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