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08 Oct 2007 05:52 pm | Category: Church, Life, Work

Not much exciting this past week, I finally started my new hire training for work (only 4 months after actually starting 🙂 ). It’s kinda nice to be able to understand some of the theory behind what I’ve been doing since I started working, and it’s been nice to meet other new people, but overall, pretty boring. Another good thing about the training is that it’s just in my office down the road, so there isn’t any travel involved and I can leave when the training for the day is done (usually around 5pm) instead of having to work the 45 hour work week like I have been due to my “busy season”. The first day we got done with training, I came home and had dinner with Sharn, and then realized that had it been the previous week, I would still have been at work with another hour to go!

This past weekend, we helped my uncle, who’s a doctor, move offices. So we didn’t get to see all of our Church’s General Conference (but we DV-R’d it, so we’ll catch up this week), but it was nice to be able to help out. The major stress from that we mounting the new LCD tv on the wall above the fish tank….I tell you, I really don’t know how I feel about putting such expenisve stuff on the wall….especially when it’s not mine. But it managed to hold (as of yesterday…and finger’s crossed, it’s still okay).

Oh, we also managed to eat ourselves silly in between moving and General Conference. Our friends from Church invited us and another family over for Chinese Hot Pot on Saturday night! Yay! (There’s definitely a lot more selection of food down here than in Provo….no more eating only fish balls) Then on Sunday, cause there was a ton of food left over from Saturday, we went back over and ate everything else! Good food, but we definitely ate too much this weekend 🙂

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