Chinese Medicine

20 Apr 2008 11:57 am | Category: Eric, Health, Sharn

Sharn and I finally got an annual check-up done a couple of weeks ago 🙂 I think it’s probably the first since who knows when (I think my last one was right before my mission).  We really like our doctor.  He graduated from BYU for his undergrad just like us!  He actually practices western and eastern medicine.  So as a result of our annual checkup (I have slightly high blood pressure), we’re not getting cupping done and yesterday we tried acupuncture.  The two combined are supposed to help me lower my blood pressure, relieve our stress, help with the pain from my snow-boarding injury last year, and help the overall circulation and health.

If you don’t know what cupping is, basically it’s a cup that’s put against your back and creates suction on your skin to draw the impurities and waste build-up in your cells to the surface.  This will help your body to become aware of it and take corrective action to cleanse itself thereby promoting overall health.  Personally, I do feel more relaxed afterwards and I feel less tension in my muscles, kind of like after a massage.  But actually getting the cupping done KILLS!@!@!  Depending on how much waste/impurities there are, it will change how much it hurts and how dark your skin turns.  Mine’s a lot worse than Sharn’s so my back is a really dark purple color.  As it improves, it should hurt less and not turn color as much.  Let’s see if I can survive! 😀

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