Catchup Ketchup

19 Jul 2008 09:35 am | Category: Eric, Sharn, Travel, Vacation, Work

Don’t ask about the title….I just realized that it’s been SUPER long since either of us posted.  I put that down to the busy busy lives we’ve been having recently.

So here’s a brief re-cap of what’s happened so far (and we HOPEFULLY will go back and provide a bit more of an update on each of these things in a little bit).

Eric – I got back from my second business trip to Europe on May 31st and then pretty much went to Utah for two weeks for work.  I took about a week and a half off around the July 4th holiday to go to Canada and Seattle with Sharn to take care of her visa stuff and now I’m back at work trying to forget how fun vacation can be 🙂

Sharn – After school finished, her sister, Sarah came over from Singapore and Sharn’s been showing her around the West Coast.  The first week Sarah was here, they came up to Utah to visit and I met up with them when I could.  While there, we saw the Heidi Lin and her family (Abby and Jade have grown up so much!), Rendy Marican (good luck on your internship in Buffalo), Nat and Rie Woo, Jason and Jovina Orme (Jason was my last companion on my mission), and Sisters Lai and Tan (Tiffany’s back now, so I guess I don’t have to call her “Sister Lai” anymore).  The second week, they went to Disneyland down in LA and had a blast there (while I stayed home and went to work 🙁 ).  Week 3 was the trip to Vancouver and Seattle which was a ton of fun and surprise, surprise, we ate a ton of food.  It was really great to meet up with our college buddies, Andrew, Laura, and Clancy Wan (he’s such a cute little boy), Marcus, Rebecca, and Mathias Khong (Mattias is also REALLY cute), Chris and Katrina Nye (Katrina, if you’re reading this, got a job yet?).  A big THANKS to Brother and Sister Wan for letting us stay at their place in Seattle again!  This was Sharn’s first trip to Vancouver so that was really fun too.  A big THANKS here to Sabrina Chen and her family for putting us up while we were up there!  We were able to catch up with Alice Wu and her family while we were there and a few of the other Sinaporean families that have immigrated over.  Also, I managed to have lunch with Mike Chong, a friend of mine from when I was young (our mom’s are friends from way back), awwww.  The drive from San Jose to Oregon, Oregon to Seattle, Seattle to Vancouver and back was about 2000 miles for us.  Not too sure how that worked out cause I didn’t think it was that far.  Ah well.

I think that pretty much sums up what’s been going on over here.  I’ve been at training this week and Sharn and Sarah have just been chilin’ around the Bay area.  Next week, I’m finally back doing “work” while they’re heading out to Las Vegas (lucky them and unlucky me).

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