Beijing 2008 Olympics

10 Aug 2008 05:08 pm | Category: Sports

For those of you who missed the Opening Ceremonies on 8/8/08 at 8:00pm, you missed out!  All I have to say is…wow.  China did an amazing job.  Sharn and I weren’t able to watch it when NBC broadcast it cause we were at a wedding reception for our friend, Julie in our ward.  But I’m so glad that we used the DVR to record it 🙂 The Opening Ceremonies used thus huge membrane around the stadium to display images, there was a a massive LCD screen on the ground, and the amound of fireworks was just awesome!

Our favorite parts though were definitely the following:

  1. The Tai Chi section (I have no idea how they managed to keep the circle the whole time)
  2. The opening drum section (definitely intimidating, and awe inspiring)
  3. The guys that lit up and ran around in green (getting in the shape of the “Bird’s Nest” was really cool)

On a side note, while I was Switzerland, I was able to go to Lausanne for the day where the International Olympic Committee has their headquarters and an Olympic museum.  While there I was able to get magnets of the mascots, Beibei (贝贝), Yingying (迎迎), Jingjing (晶晶), Nini(妮妮), and Haunhaun (欢欢).

Sarah (my sister-in-law) pointed out to me that if you put them in the right order (even though the characters are different, the sounds are the same)…it reads Beijing Huan Ying Ni (北京歡迎你) or Beijing Welcomes You! 😀 Cheesy I know, yet kinda clever at the same time.

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