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10 Nov 2008 06:31 pm | Category: California

Ok. Here’s a video telling briefly what Prop 8 is about. Just in case you don’t know.

So, even though Proposition 8 passed with a 52% over a 48% vote. The fight is not over. In fact, more ugliness is unfolding.

The Sunday before the elections, Eric and I and a few of our branch members were holding Yes on 8 signs on an intersection just down the block from our chapel. We took up 3 corners of the intersection. Not long after, a No on 8 group of people were holding signs on the remaining one corner of the intersection. Boy, that was interesting! Personally speaking, I don’t think holding up signs on the side of the road really helps sway people on either side of the vote. But we did it to show our support for this proposition.

The reactions we had from drivers was interesting. Every time a supporter of Yes on 8 drove by us, they’ll give a friendly honk accompanied with a friendly wave and smile. And every time a No on 8 drove by (which was more often), it was accompanied by an angry honk and very often a string of obscenities, both physically and vocally. Interesting how you can determine an angry honk and a friendly one! I mainly got the birdies, but one of our friends seemed to got the brunt of it. Here’s what he posted on his facebook:

  • Some teenage hooligans yelled “Prop 8’s gay!” before holding “No on 8” signs across from us next to a lesbian couple.
  • Some guy kept screaming how intolerant we are at my wife while waiting for the light. Then when he drove by me he yelled that I was a ‘faggot’.
  • Some lady screamed, “NOOOO ON 8!!! F**K YOU, YOU FASCIST PIGS!!
  • Some lady drove by and told us how Jesus would be ashamed of us.
  • A gay couple in a car interlocked hands while both flipping the bird to us…(one instance among the countless bird flips that we encountered)
  • Several people spitefully yelled, “YES ON H8TE!!”
  • Someone actually threw a watter bottle at me…which I kept as a souvenir.

Anyway, with a proposition like Prop 8, where so many people are affected, there has been no doubt countless arguments with people on both side of the fence. Maybe I’m biased, but the No on 8 have been a lot more vocal and violent against us.

There was a protest outside the sacred grounds of the LA Temple:,0,3827549.story

Read about an LDS LAPD officer’s experience at a protest outside the LA Temple last week.

And also about a chapel being vandelized in Orangevale.

Prop 8 is a California proposition, and yet people in Seattle are protesting.

Also watch a video about all the violence that has been done on Prop 8 supporters:

I am just shocked and really upset by all this events that have unfolded since Prop 8 passed. You know, for all I care, gays and lesbians can have their marriage, as long as they do not infringe on my personal religious right and my freedom of speech. They have my full respect unless they do not uphold that same kind of respect for me and the supporters of Prop 8.

The work of Satan is powerful and real. He is the father of contention and the father of lies. I believe that this proposition has most definitely caused families to come against each other. How contradicting and how ironic. Aren’t we fighting for families here?

Family is the basic unit of a society. How hard is that to understand? Families are not just about marriage between two people. It is an intricate web of relationships. When families are threatened, then society is threatened. It is common knowledge that at least 50% of marriages end in divorce. Shouldn’t we be trying to protect what is already being attacked today, instead of further attacking and compromising the sanctity of it?

We are fighting for love and yet what we’re getting is hate. We’re seeking for unity, and yet discord and contention is reaping. Will this ever stop? Can we really not learn to live in tolerance and love?

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