In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

29 Nov 2010 02:28 pm | Category: Sharn

One thing I’m thankful for this year is of course our baby Ethan (or you can call him EJ 🙂 ). This past few weeks have not been easy. Getting used to sleeping only 1-2 hours at a time, changing diapers all the time, getting spat up on, and not being able to go out spontaneously. It’s a major lifestyle change! But when we hold him, and cuddle him, and when he smiles at you, it’s all worth it! My heart just melts!

Another thing I’m REALLY thankful for this year is for my mom. It made adjusting to having a baby so much easier. My mom doesn’t cook. She didn’t really look after us when we were young, that was all my grandma. So for her to come all the way from Singapore, out of her comfort zone, and take care of me and Ethan, it’s not easy! And I’m really thankful for that.

For the first month, she made me ginger soup everyday. To make this soup, you need cut up the ginger into slices, then blend it. After that you take the blended ginger and squeeze it through a cheesecloth to get the ginger juice out. Hand squeezed! My mom did that for me everyday. Her hands got so dry and cut up! She also made red date water for me. She pitted every single red date because she said that it’s not good to boil it with the seed in the red date. She did that everyday too. She also cooked like she never cook before in her life! At home, my mom doesn’t have to cook. So for her to prepare meals for us must not have been easy for her because she’s not used to it! She’s so awesome!

She also takes such good care of Baby Ethan. In the mornings, she’ll hold him for an hour, sometimes two, so he’ll sleep longer and so I can sleep longer. That boy sleeps real well when someone is holding him. She changes his diaper when I’m just so SICK of changing another diaper. Just like us, she’s been peed on, pooed on, and spat up on! Awesome! She talks to him and sings to him. I know Baby Ethan misses his popo.

I’m glad my  mom got to spend this precious few weeks with me and the baby. I hadn’t seen my mom for about two years before this. She left everything behind. My sister and her preparation for going on a mission. The buying of their new HDB flat. And all the other comforts of her own home in Singapore, and come here where public transportation sucks! To be stuck at home and to be cooking all the time and taking care of me. I’m grateful I have such an awesome mom! I love you, mom!

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