Married for 5 years!!

23 Dec 2010 12:30 am | Category: Celebrations

A lot has happened since we were married five years ago. We graduated from BYU, moved down to California, and now we have a kid! This anniversary was somewhat uneventful in a sense. But also busy with the precious little prince. We’ve definitely been blessed with jobs, friends, and family. Even though we’ve only been in the Bay Area for 3 1/2 years, I can honestly say I love my life here! There are moments when I think about moving back to Singapore cos I miss my family, but there are also moments when I think I could stay here for good. That is if we can, of course. We’re still on working visas. It’s all up to Eric and his job. We’ll see how long he can make it! We made it through so many rounds of laying off. Hopefully we can continue to make it! It’s definitely expensive living in the Bay Area. We often talk about moving, but we’re comfortable where we are, I guess. So, we’re good for now. 🙂

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