5 months into it

09 Mar 2011 09:32 am | Category: Ethan

A lot has happened since I last posted. I’m really bad at this blogging thing. Hopefully staying at home with EJ will give me more time to blog. Hopefully.

We went back to Singapore and Hong Kong in February to celebrate Chinese New Year with the family. And of course to show EJ off to the rest of the family. Especially my dad who hasn’t seen him yet. We were really worried about the heat and humidity. We were afraid that EJ won’t be used to it. He was born in October, so he’s never really experienced heat much. But we were pleasantly surprised! He was mostly fine. In fact, I think his skin condition improved in the humidity.

Our nightly routine consisted of lotions and creams and what nots. But when we were in Singapore, we only applied the moisturizer. I think the humidity was doing something for his skin. His cradle cap also got better! We’ve been back for about a month now and his skin is still great! He used to have a really bad rash behind his ears and under his neck, and that has gotten better too. We’re having this rash around his mouth now. We think it’s largely due to his slobbery drool. It’s hard to keep it dry all the time, and he’s now into sucking his fingers. That doesn’t help the drool! I guess I’m hopeful that he will eventually grow out of his eczema. His cradle is almost all gone. Things are looking better. 🙂

We also decided that I would stay home with EJ. I’m still on maternity leave, but I went in yesterday and officially resigned. I’ll miss my friends at work. We ladies do have lots of fun together. But I think this is something I have to do right now. We’re going to have to make some major adjustments to our lifestyle! Eric and I used to eat out a lot. Probably about twice a week. Eric would always buy his lunch. With me at home, I’ll have to make his lunch everyday! I’m getting creative with sandwich fixings! And we’d have to limit out nights out. We would also travel a lot. Bye bye to traveling for now! At least limit it to once a year instead of every other month! It’s a sacrifice for that little guy. But it’s so worth it! I just hope I don’t spoil him!

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