Sitting in the Car

31 Mar 2011 12:43 pm | Category: Ethan

We just came home from visiting teaching. Rie and I visited Jenn. I love that we can do visiting teaching during the day. We can avoid the rush after church on Sundays and also the tired, after work visits. Staying at home is awesome 🙂

I have a feeling EJ’s gonna be a terrible napper. Actually, he’s already a terrible napper. He sleeps great at night, though. We put him down, and even though he’s still awake, he doesn’t cry for attention and just falls asleep all by himself. It’s awesome. Sometimes he doesn’t wanna be put down, so he cries. But he never cries long, usually only about 5 minutes. Then he’ll be fast asleep till the next morning.

Naps, though, are a different story! It’s even worse when we’re out. He just wants to look around, and even though he’s extremely tired, he won’t sleep! When we put him back in the car seat, he’ll scream (he hates the car seat) until we’re almost home, then he’ll fall asleep. Whenever we pick him up from his car seat, he wakes up! Then he’s cranky all over again cos he’s still tired. And it’s almost impossible to put him to sleep again. We can never win with naps! I’ve taken to just staying in the car until he wakes up from his naps. That’s what I’m doing now.

Naps are better when we’re at home, though. Since it’s not very exciting, he can usually nap when we’re home. Sometimes he naps for 30 mins, sometimes for 2 hours. I wonder how some moms have their kids on a schedule?!?!

It’s different everyday with EJ. I think that’s because I go out almost everyday. Is that bad? You know, he does eat and sleep better if we’re home all day. But there’s always something to do! Errands to run and places to go. Well, I am a “stay-at-home” mom, so maybe I should do what the job title says and stay at home? Lol!


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