2 girls and a boy

18 Apr 2011 04:19 pm | Category: Ethan, Friends

Every Monday we go to the Mommy and Me group at our local hospital. They always have a guest speaker that talks about a particular topic relating to babies from 0-6 months. EJ’s a bit older than 6 months, but as long as he’s not crawling, we can continue to go!

This week’s topic was about motor development. Well, EJ’s one of those babies that does things backwards. He’s got pretty strong core strength and balance. He sits up very well now. However, he’s still not turning over! Usually babies flip before they sit right? I think so, but not this one. He’s stuck on his back or tummy if we just put him there. Well, I wouldn’t say he’s completely stuck. He’s turned over a few times before, but I don’t think he realizes he knows how to do it! Many times he just starts crying when he wants to get out from his tummy or back.

Trying to steal Lealah’s book

Very happy with himself that he stole Lealah’s book

With Ava and Lealah at Mommy and Me

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