EJ goes camping!

11 Aug 2011 09:34 pm | Category: Ethan, Vacation

We go to our branch campout every year. I even went last year when I was 7 months pregnant, so this year was no different! I was definitely worried about whether EJ will be ok during the night. My worries were right, he wasn’t ok!! We camp in luxury, so we brought along our air mattress. 🙂 If you’ve ever slept on a air mattress, you’ll know that their surface is not flat like your regular mattress. Ours has big bumps; I wonder why they make them like that. Poor boy, sleeps like he’s being tossed around in a ship on choppy waters. Many times during the night, he’ll flip himself onto his belly, but unlike his nice flat mattress at home, he couldn’t flip himself back! He’ll get stuck in between two bumps, realize he’s stuck, and wake up crying. He woke up enough times to finally realize he wasn’t home, and freaked out and was unconsolable for a while. I felt bad for our neighboring campers, but most of them said they didn’t hear him! Lucky for them!

When he woke up the next morning, it was as if he slept right through! Eric was tired, though. He continued sleeping after EJ and I woke up.


The Pink Bandit (Hannah) and the Green Prince (EJ) as dubbed by Nat.

We had cup noodles for breakfast. Along with pancakes, sweet rolls, zucchini bread, muffins, croissant, fruit… Any time our branch has a get-together, you can always count on having great food!!

All bundled up. It’s summer, but still cold in the Santa Cruz mountains!

Look who fell asleep on our hike! What a nice life.

Ironman Dad, Nat Woo, pushing the stroller on a not easily navigable hiking trail. Power to him!

Loving the slide!

He’s popular with the other kids 🙂

We’ll be back next year!!

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