Happy 2012!

08 Jan 2012 10:51 pm | Category: Celebrations, Eric, Ethan

I can’t believe 2011 came and went just like that! We didn’t stay up counting down or anything. I basically woke up at midnight, said Happy New Year, and went straight back to bed. I’m too old to stay up 🙂

Talking about old. Eric’s turning 30 in a few weeks!!!! It’s a big turning point, huh? So far we’ve got plans to go to Vegas. Can’t wait for a holiday!! But I guess it really isn’t a vacation if we’re carrying a 15 month old around. Lol!

And I can’t believe my baby boy is 15 months!! People left and right keep asking us when we’re gonna have baby #2. I’m still enjoying my baby #1. Really enjoying it now. He’s so dang CUTE! He loves hugs and kisses. He kisses with his mouth open and hugs by gripping you tightly around your neck. So sweet! He loves singing and dancing. He’ll start bopping his head up and down and bending his knees up and down when he hears a catchy tune. He starts ‘singing’ along when we sing nursery rhymes together. His favorite song (I think) is still “If you’re happy and you know”. He’ll clap his hands every time he hears that song. He knows the actions to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. We’re working on the actions for the Wheels on the Bus. He knows how to use the iPad and play his favorite Sesame Street videos of Elmo. He loves “Elmo’s Song”. He knows how to press play to watch a YouTube video. He knows how to answer the phone. He’s talk to Eric’s client once and one of our friends another time on the phone. Just babbling away. He talked to our friend for two whole minutes! Just bababababba-ing away! Lol!! We had no idea. He’s such a smart, sweet, adorable little kid. I love him to pieces. He can’t be any more perfect! (Maybe he can learn to sleep through the night once in a while.)

There’s still things to finish from 2011, but we’re definitely looking ahead and looking forward to an exciting 2012!

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