At breakfast this morning…

08 Mar 2012 09:37 am | Category: Uncategorized

EJ playing with his cheese by putting it in the cup and stirring it with a spoon.
Me: Are you playing with your cheese?
EJ shakes his head: No
Me: Are you eating your breakfast?
EJ nods his head: esh (yes), then puts the spoon in his mouth and goes “ahhhhh”
Me: Why are you eating your cheese with a spoon?
EJ: chee (cheese)
Me: Can I have your spoon?
EJ: poon (spoon)
Me trying to put the cheese in his mouth.
EJ: 不要不要
Me: Are you all done?
EJ: esh (yes) then raises his hand for my help to get down from his chair.

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