Date Night!

12 Mar 2012 08:31 am | Category: Eric, Food

Thanks to Nat and Rie, our babysitting swap partners, we were able to have date night on Friday! It’s so nice to go out for dinner without bringing along baby and all his accessories. Much lighter way to go 🙂 It’s crazy how much you need to bring for a baby when you go out. Gotta be prepared!

We went for sushi that night. So nice to eat at a restaurant where I can choose what I like to eat instead of having to order something that EJ can eat. Obviously, he’s not gonna be eating sashimi, so we wouldn’t have gone to a sushi restaurant in the first place. Then we went to Marie Callenders for some pie for dessert. Eric said how nice it was to have the whole pie to himself instead of having to share it with EJ 🙂 I had the giant sundae. It didn’t look that big in the picture on the menu! As you can see, it’s as big as my head.

Eric said that there was no way I was gonna finish that. Well, Challenge accepted. Lol! I watch too much HIMYM. I got most of the way through that sundae, but didn’t feel so good after that. It was delicious, though! There was a whole slice of apple pie in there and piled with vanilla ice cream.

Date night was fun, but the whole time I was missing my baby boy! Mummy separation anxiety :/

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