Just taking a walk

01 May 2012 06:51 am | Category: Ethan, Health

We took a walk after dinner on Sunday. It was a nice day out and I love that the sun sets later so we enjoy more light after dinner! I love our summer walks after dinner 🙂

It was the first time for EJ to walk with us without his stroller. We usually stick him in the stroller and go around the block and be done in 10 minutes. We decided we needed to “train” him to walk by himself. We’re going to Singapore in July, and I might not bring my stroller if EJ can walk by himself. So, the training begins!

A ten minute walk becomes half hour, of course. It’s a whole new world outside the stroller! When he’s in the stroller, he’s completely quiet. Just sits there. On his feet, he oohing and ahhing at every rock, tree, and bird!! It’s just the cutest thing!! There was this house that had huge rocks placed at intervals on their front lawn. EJ stopped at every rock and pointed at it and went “wow”! He would bend down and look inside the cracks in the sidewalk. If he heard birds chirping, he’ll stop, listen and make the sign for bird.

Just a walk around the block and he experiences so much! It’s so different when you look at things through the eyes of a child. They appreciate the world around us so much more. They remind us to slow down and smell the roses and check out the rocks!!

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