One more day until Eric gets back!

17 May 2012 08:07 pm | Category: Eric, Ethan

This morning I went for my prenatal check-up. I decided to bring EJ with me because I had a lot of errands to run after the appointment. I sat him in his stroller, and usually he’s very good in his stroller. He’s content to sit in it as long as there’s something for him to do. Once at the doctor’s though, he freaked out! I think he still vividly remembers his shots and is terrified of the person in the white lab coat. Lol! So, I had to get him out of his stroller and he sat next to me as my OBGYN checked on me and we listened to the baby’s heartbeat. That actually made EJ cry even louder. Probably the sound of the heartbeat was too loud for him!

After the appointment, I’d received 5 miss calls from my landlord. Must be something important. Well, he called to say that the dishwasher guys had a last minute cancellation, and they can deliver me a new dishwasher in an hour. Great! New dishwasher! But that means pushing everything I had planned for the day back. Oh well. Luckily they came on time. In an hour as they said. The installation took a while and by the time they were done, it was almost lunch time. I had actually planned on getting all my errands done by lunch so I can get EJ back for his afternoon nap. Not happening.

We went to El Pollo Loco for lunch. And boy was EJ getting lots of attention there. He was saying hi to the people sitting behind us and he was peering over the barrier to spy on the people sitting on the other side. It was hard getting him to eat his mac and cheese, he was so excited in the new environment.

When we got in the car and drove to the iPhone repair shop after lunch, he’d fallen asleep! Usually, when he falls asleep in the car, I leave him in his car seat and we just wait until he wakes up before going anywhere. Just this past Tuesday, we sat in the Costco parking lot for an hour and a half, waiting for him to wake up from his nap. If I move him, he usually wakes up and that’s the end of nap time for the rest of the day. Then he’ll get super cranky later because he didn’t get enough sleep. Well, I had to risk waking him because I still had lots to do. Lucky for me, this time, he continued sleeping when I carried him out of the car seat. Lucky lucky! So, he got his nap, I got my iPhone fixed, and we didn’t have to go home in between errands for his nap!

I didn’t get home until 4. Four hours pass my estimated time to be home. But the good thing is, I can check many things off my to-do list. And plus, I don’t have to wash dishes by hand! Yay!

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