Sister Sarah Woo

13 Jun 2012 10:10 pm | Category: Family

18 months flew by just like that! Sister Woo’s done with her mission! She was able to get special permission to visit me on her way back to Singapore. She spent a week here and the week went by so fast! We stayed up chatting and she got to watch the last two Harry Potter movies. She also taught EJ how to say “Yiyi” (auntie in Chinese). And EJ will walk around saying “Yiyi, Yiyi, Yiyi”. Precious!!

EJ connected with her right away. Maybe because we look alike? Haha. Not really.

We sent her off to the airport tonight. Man! It was stressful! Her flight was at 7:40pm, and we planned to leave at 6:00, since it was only about 15 mins to the airport. We waited for Eric to get home so he can help us load her super heavy suitcases onto the car. 5:50, Eric texts and says he’ll be 15 mins late. 6:20, he texts and says he’s still stuck in traffic. In the mean time, Sis. Woo is still writing her love letter to her missionary. Lol! And I’m here stressing!!! Finally, 6:30, we got our neighbors to help us load the suitcases and I called Eric to say we’ll meet him at the airport.

We got there, I dropped her and the suitcases off and Eric was there to help check her in. I drove off to park the car. Eric called and said they were at the wrong terminal!!! It was Delta (Terminal A), but her flight was operated by Horizon (Terminal B). They had 7 mins to get to the other terminal. And according to Eric, the shuttle bus was so slow he didn’t think they’d make it. But they did. When they were checking in, one of her suitcases was too heavy, so she had to move some things over to the other suitcase. Finally, she was all checked in. We met up at the security check-in. Took a photo, said our farewells, and off she went! We actually managed to see her get on the plane since her gate was at the very end of the terminal, and when we walked outside, we could see her plane. We saw her, yelled “Bye, Sister Woo!”. She heard us and waved back.


There goes one week of fun sister bonding time! Till we meet again in Singapore next month!!

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