28 Aug 2012 12:15 pm | Category: Travel

We’re back from Singapore!! Didn’t blog the whole month I was there. Too busy and too lazy! Haha.

We flew Singapore Airlines and it didn’t disappoint! But what we were disappointed with was the taxi cab driver that took us home!

We had so many luggages that we had to take two taxis. We had four big suitcases, a small suitcase, a stroller, a big bag pack, a little bag pack, a tote bag, a hand bag, and a laptop bag. The laptop bag was black, I’d put it in the trunk of the cab. When we got out of the cab, we grabbed everything but the laptop bag! 🙁 It was night time, bag was black and I didn’t see it!! Plus EJ was making a fuss and we just wanted to get home asap and we didn’t check the trunk properly. We immediately called the taxi company to send out a message to their taxis, hoping the taxi driver will turn around and bring us back our bag. Nope. He didn’t. We arrived past 1am, so we were all tired, but we went and made a police report right away. Inside the bag was Eric’s work laptop, the iPad, my passport, my Singapore IC, Eric’s Hong Kong ID card, and our old expired passports that contained US visas. By the time we were done at the police station, it was already like 4am.

The next morning I went and applied for a new passport. I was so worried that the passport will take a month to process and I wouldn’t make my flight back and I would have to have my baby in Singapore! Well, luckily, it only took a week. My IC will take a month, but I don’t need that to travel. Someone else can help me collect my IC.

We also needed our passports to get new US visas so we can come back into the country. The American consulate in Singapore is very slow in their visa processing! We usually get it done in Canada. They have appointments everyday and you can collect it the next day. But in Singapore, they only have appointments twice a month (cos of Eric’s special visa) and you need to wait three working days before collecting. Luckily we weren’t able to change Eric’s flight to an earlier one, otherwise, he won’t even be able to get his visa. Next time, we’re just doing it in Canada. We got our passports back the day before we had to leave. It was close.

Eric was lucky that EY sent him another laptop so he can work from Singapore. Poor guy, he would stay up late and wake up early to work (cos of the time difference) and during the day still go out with us. Amazing stamina. EY should treasure an amazing employee like him!! (Thank you EY for the very nice performance bonus. Hehe)

Anyway, so sad about the taxi driver. Disappointed. We waited a month. A whole month. And he didn’t turn our things in. I thought Singaporeans were more honest than that. They’re probably greedier than I thought. Sad. Thankfully everything is replaceable in the bag. Maybe except for Eric’s HK ID card. We have no idea how we can go about that since we’re not in HK.

This caused much stress on our trip! It was always at the back of our minds. I thought I also lost my baby girl’s ultrasound pictures, but thankfully I’d placed them in my journal and not with the passports like I initially thought.

We’re back home safe and sound. EJ got his new iPad. It was like it was never lost from him. He plays it like a pro 🙂


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