Yum Cha

01 Nov 2012 07:46 pm | Category: Food

I love yum cha! A friend posted a photo of him going yum cha on Facebook, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I got my hands on some!! We went to Asian Pearl Restaurant in Fremont. Definitely worth the drive! We usually go to Saigon HK in Sunnyvale, just down the street from where we live. That place is usually so crowded and so cramped! They try to squeeze as many people as possible in there, and it’s always so loud! Asian Pearl is much nicer, thanks to our friends for introducing it to us! And there are so many other restaurants in that complex, I definitely have to go back! 30 min drive for good food is worth it!



This is durian pastry. I was so surprised they had durian. Oh my goodness…. It was sooooooo good!!!! Of course, durian is a very much acquired taste. Only two of us at our table eats it. We had to eat it up fast cos the others couldn’t stand the strong smell. Haha. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!! Oh, how I love food!

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  1. Fernando on November 11th, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    I’ve had durian chips and love them…I’ll have to try the pastry some time.

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