Surprise Baby Shower!

03 Nov 2012 03:42 pm | Category: Baby, Celebrations, Sharn

My dear friend, Sudie, threw me a surprise baby shower! I was so touched, I was all tearing up! Funny thing was, Eric, who’d known about it for at least a month, totally forgot about it! It was on a Sunday night and Eric had just came home from home teaching. It was one of those Sundays where I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to cook dinner. Eric was about to make us all some noodles when he got a phone call from Felix. Eric and Felix are both serving in the branch presidency, so when Eric told me we had to go somewhere urgently, I thought it was odd. I thought it was some church stuff they had to take care of, so then why would I have to go? Well, I had taken a nap that afternoon and had no make-up on, my hair was just pulled back in a pony tail and I looked terrible! I was just going to go out in my BYU t-shirt and jeans, but then Eric was acting all funny, I thought maybe I should put on a nicer top, even though everything else still looked terrible!

When we got in the car, I asked Eric where we were going, and he said to Joyce’s, who lives a few blocks away from us. By then, I had a feeling something was up. When we got there, I saw a whole bunch of people’s cars and I knew for sure this was a surprise party. When we got in the house, everyone yelled “Surprised!” I was still very surprised, even though I already guessed what was going on! Seriously! I can’t believe Eric totally forgot about it! He was supposed to say we were going to Sudie’s for dinner, then at least I would have dressed better!!

Chris Nye, the awesome baker that he is, made me chocolate cake! A couple of weeks ago, at EJ’s birthday party, he asked me what was my top 3 favorite desserts, and I told him chocolate cake and apple pie, but couldn’t decide the third one. When I had EJ, Chris baked an apple pie for me and brought it to the hospital. I’m so lucky to have friends that cook/bake so well! I decided that my third favorite dessert would be chocolate chip cookies.

Here’s everyone at the party, and all the yummy, delicious food! I was actually pretty hungry by then cos we hadn’t had dinner. I wolfed down the mini corn dogs like nothing, and I usually don’t even eat corn dogs! I don’t really like the corn bread batter, but these mini ones were pretty good. Batter wasn’t thick. (Not sure if batter’s the right word, but you know what I mean).


Sudie made this amazing diaper cake! Or I should say, diaper tricycle! Very impressive. I seriously have talented friends.

Then we played a guessing game. I was blind-folded and had to guess all these baby items. I was awesome, I guessed everything. So we decided Eric should have a crack at it, and he did pretty good, too! We’re ready for you, meimei!! You can come anytime! Haha.

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