BYU vs. San Jose State

25 Nov 2012 10:41 am | Category: School, Sports

This was a highly anticipated game! We hadn’t been to a BYU game in a long time, and definitely never to an away game. We didn’t get tickets until the day of the game because it was too close to my due date, but since I had no signs of labor at all, we went ahead and got tickets for the game! I was super excited!!

We paid $70 for two tickets! EJ was gonna sit on our laps. We didn’t know where the seats were and were worried that it’ll be in the “nosebleed” sections. No worries, though, the stadium was so small, there is no “nosebleed” section. We were pretty close to the front, near the end zone. It was such a different atmosphere walking to the San Jose stadium. It was the first time I saw a drunk, passed on the streets. And students hanging around smoking and drinking. New for me. But then also, just walking towards the stadium from the parking lot, we were just surrounded by BYU fans. I wanna say at least 50% or more of the stadium were BYU fans! It was almost like a home game for the Cougars.

Us right at the start of the game. And we’d just scored a touchdown. Yay! We thought it was definitely gonna be a winning game. How wrong. How very wrong of us. We were taking a gamble with the weather that night, too. It was supposed to rain. It didn’t really come down until towards the end of the game. EJ was kinda into it at the start. He loved watching the ball get kicked and he thought it was funny how everyone fell down. But he got bored, and we had to take out the iPhone to entertain him. After halftime, EJ and Eric went and got some popcorn, and EJ was just shoving his face with popcorn and watching the game again. We were lucky the seats next to us were empty, so EJ could have a seat. When he finished his popcorn, the lady sitting next to us gave him the rest of her popcorn. We were surrounded by BYU fans, which was kinda fun. Cheering them on and complaining about the QB together.


Anyhow, we didn’t stay until the end of the game. We had to wake up early for church the next day, it was starting to rain harder, we were losing, and we didn’t want to get stuck in traffic leaving. It was a good opportunity for us to bring EJ to a BYU game (where we ran into so many people knew from church and school) just too bad we that we lost so badly!

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