EJ’s new school

07 Oct 2013 10:28 pm | Category: Uncategorized

EJ’s been attending a new school for the past two weeks. He goes twice a week for half a day. I was really looking forward to him attending this school since it’s a bilingual school, meaning he’ll be exposed to Chinese. We don’t speak much Chinese at home, so I really hoped that he can pick up the language. Sad to say, EJ’s been hating it. Whenever I talk to him about going to school, he tells me that he doesn’t want to go to school. The past couple of times he told me he wants to go to the other school. Tonight he told me he wanted Miss Kat. That’s his teacher from EJ’s previous school. He was so sad when he said that. It really broke my heart! I wonder if this is a right fit for him. He really seems to hate it. He was so good on the first day. No tears. He said bye and we left and that was it. Ever since then, it’s been tears every morning. I hope it’s just a phase. I really hope he gets over it. I don’t know if I should pull him out if he’s still hating it by the end of the month. Or just stick it out, let him adjust and hope the Chinese language rubs off on him.

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  1. Sarah on January 4th, 2014 at 6:22 am

    Poor EJ! 🙁 breaks my heart too! A teacher really is so important, Miss Kat must have been a wonderful teacher that EJ can connect with. Is he doing better in the immersion school?

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