More Snowboarding

21 Feb 2007 07:05 pm | Category: Eric, Sports

dsc00156So it’s a couple hours after I went snowboarding and my shoulder doesn’t hurt…that much. My hand is feeling kind of tingly. I’m hoping that I didn’t do anything to it. I followed the doctor’s orders as best I could. I mean, I didn’t deliberately fall =) I am proud to say that I managed to protect my shoulder on most of my falls (there weren’t that many). Here’s a photo that I took with my phone while I was out today.

I’ll have to blog about my instructor sometime, the crazy Indian who speaks Mandarin, Charan! If you ever go to the Sundance Resort here in Utah and want to take a beginner snowboard class, try and get him as your instructor. Out of 5 stars, he definitely deserves 5 and a half (seriously, he’s that good). Anyway, we’ll have to see if later on I can’t move my arm because that’s what happened three weeks ago when I separated my shoulder.

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