08 Mar 2007 09:19 pm | Category: TV

For those who watched American Idol, can I just say that after watching tonight’s episode, I am in shock. How in the world did Sanjaya make it into the finals and Sundance and Jared not?!? For the past few weeks, when did Sanjaya once give a good performance! Not once I say!! NOT once!! And both Sundance and Jared have given smashing performances!! As for Antonella, well good riddance to her. Snobbish and can’t sing. But Sabrina?!! Sabrina?! Voted off over Haley?? Have the American audience gone deaf and blind?!


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  1. Lynn on March 12th, 2007 at 10:52 am

    I totally know what you are ranting about b/c I was really surprised at who stayed and who didn’t. I think some ppl are either just tone deaf or just voting on being sympathetic. Yea this year’s competition isn’t that great to watch.

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