09 Apr 2007 03:26 pm | Category: Eric, Sharn

Poor Eric. He’s had to write a paper a day this past week. Well, he’s trying to finish up his American Heritage Independent Study. Don’t say I didn’t warn him. This semester has been pretty hectic, but leaving everything to the last minute is a sure killer! He also has Bio 100 Independent Study to finish up! I really hope he gets done before this week is up! He has to graduate! If he doesn’t, he can’t start work! We can’t live on my meagre wage! Argh!! So, Eric, if you’re reading this, YOU CAN DO IT!!! WORK IT!!

As for me, life has been pretty busy. I teach in the mornings 9-12:30 then in the evenings 6-9:30. I’m probably gonna take up another class, where I’ll then start at 4 and go through 9:30. I feel bad for Eric. I haven’t cooked at all since I started working! We’ve had to eat out a lot and Eric’s been having a lot of cold cereal. =) Well, it’s not gonna get better. Once Eric starts working full time, I wonder when I’ll see him….

Amidst all this busy crazy stuff trying to work and pay the bills, I’m glad I have to light that lets me know life indeed has a purpose.

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