Under one roof

24 Apr 2007 09:02 pm | Category: Eric, Sharn

So, Eric’s project didn’t really fry. It turned out to be salvageable. I don’t know the details, he’ll probably update later.

We have our parents visiting this week for graduation. All under one roof! This will be fun. It’s also my mom’s first time to America. Hope it leaves a good impression on her! So far so good. She loves the mountains.

Anyway, this week is going to be real busy. As of now, Eric still has to finish his final paper. He also has to work on some projects at work. He can’t wait till we get back from vacation next week because you can only work at BYU 2 weeks after graduation. So he’s gotta tie up some loose strings by the end of this week!

As for me, I have to plan and write lesson plans for next week. It’s a new semester next week and that makes things a little more complicated. Plus I have a new class too. I have a journalism class. This class doesn’t have a curriculum. Something for me to come up with. I could talk to the teacher that taught it this semester (he has it all figured out) but he doesn’t have to time this week to sit down with me a talk about the class. So I’ll probably have to come up with something myself.

So, it’s just another week that I have to get over! And by this time next week, I’ll be enjoying myself in California!

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  1. Dad on April 28th, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    Sharn, wish you a nice holiday with Mum in Califonia.

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