26 Apr 2007 09:47 am | Category: Eric, Tech, Work

Capstone Project

Great news, my capstone project isn’t gone after all. Tuesday, I went in and actually got to look at the server and it turns out that there’s nothing wrong at all with it, it just needed to be restarted. The Marriott School IT department probably turned it on, saw a bunch of messages pop up (that’s what happens when you start Linux, you don’t get the fancy screen like Windows) and assumed the computer was broken. Great news for me but it’s a sad reflection on the IT department.

On a side note, they also notified the professor I work for that another of his servers was gone (maybe like the picture kind of gone), and again…there was nothing wrong with it at all (he also uses Linux on that server).


Immigration Laws

I just found out today that earlier in this semester, the government changed their interpretation on F-1 Visas and the number of hours international students can work. While in the past it was a bit more lax and the end of classes signified that international students could work over 20 hours, they have now decided on a more tighter interpretation of the law and so international students can only work over 20 hours starting the day after Finals.

Of course, rather than notify students and faculty regarding the new change, they post the information to their website and assume you’ll be monitoring it 24/7 (maybe that’s what I should have been doing). Luckily, I was able to work with them and get things sorted out (hopefully) and if a government official ever comes and audits BYU and discovers I worked over 20 hours last week, we have a reason so I won’t be deported 🙂 Of course it might be a good reason to go home if I did get deported!

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  1. Crystal on April 27th, 2007 at 8:34 pm

    Are you going to be in North Cal.? Coz that’s where we are now…well just for 4-5 mths….you should come visit…

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