Oh! Canada!

20 May 2007 02:15 pm | Category: Eric, Vacation

On Thursday (May 17), Eric and I made the 13+ hour trip to Calgary, Alberta so he can apply for his E3 visa. We drove all through Idaho and Montana. Let me say that Idaho was kinda stinky with their farms and cows and all. It had some pretty scenery, but nothing compared to what Montana and Canada had. In Montana, we drove through the Big Belt Mountains, not very fun to drive considering the super windy roads, but the scenery was breathtaking! (I’ll put up some pictures later). When we crossed the border, let me just say that Alberta is beautiful! Lusious greenery everywhere. Calgary was cool too. And very cold! The receptionist lady at our hotel had a really heavy Canadian accent, I thought it was funny!

We didn’t really do much in Calgary. We stayed in a hotel downtown, and we just walked around and took some pictures. I noticed how diverse the city was, way more than California. And the people there were really friendly too! Eric and I decided that we like Canada, but just too cold for us to live in!

Anyway, we drove back all day Saturday. Spend over an hour at the American immigration. They’d never seen an E3 visa before, and didn’t know what to do with Eric, so that took a while. But everything went fine. And we’re back in good ‘ole Provo!

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