Fightin’ Falcons!

29 May 2007 10:57 am | Category: Vacation

Sharn, Keshia, Ashley, and I just got back from a very relaxing road-trip to Denver and Colorado Springs (home of the US Air Force Academy). The trip was spontaneous and everything about the trip was spontaneous from what we did to what we ate! 😀 In Denver, we walked around the downtown area until we were ready to eat the first thing we saw (and we did), it turned out to be this really good Italian place (even though it’s a chain) with an awesome atmosphere called “Buca Di Beppo“. The shrimp and scampi pasta was amazing (definitely something I’d recommend). On the way back, we decided to drive for 10 minutes from the Temple and then eat at whatever was there…too bad everything was closed for Memorial Day! So, we just kept going and ended up at some diner in Idaho Springs, Colorado where the portions were ridiculously huge and only Keesha cleaned off her plate.

Anyway, we did the usual touristy things like walking around 16th Street in Denver (an outdoor shopping area), the Royal Gorges (the highest suspension bridge in the world, not the best place for people who get vertigo…Sharn), the Denver Temple, the Garden of the Gods (still don’t know why it’s called that) where you can see two camels kissing, and the Air Force Academy (home of the Fightin’ Falcons). Keshia and Ashley both bought Air Force Falcons t-shirts so if you see them cheering on Air Force at the next football game, their loyalties were made evident before that.

Ashley’s neice and nephews are the cutest kids around (sorry Matthias and Clancy) and are a great alarm clock! They almost make me want to start having kids of my own…

I had the unfortunate experience of being introduced to Singaporean patriotic songs while driving back. They weren’t THAT bad but pray that you never have to sit in a car with a group of Singaporeans singing along 🙂

Keshia will probably have more to say, so I’ll leave it to her and I’ll try and post the photos later today too!


Here are some photos that we took:

The three of us on top of the worlds highest suspension bridge:


Sharn and Keshia on the carousel:


Keshia and  Sharn dissing Falcon Stadium:


Keshia and Sharn dissing the U:


Sharn, Keshia, and Ashley at the Air Force Academy Chapel:


Us at the Denver, Colorado Temple:


Asleep in the car…:




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  1. rae on June 3rd, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    AAHAHAHAHA love the pics man…especially the asleep ones. blackmail!!!! hahaha. and the dissing the U one…lovely. glad you had such a fun trip!!

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