Car shopping sucks

14 Sep 2007 09:14 pm | Category: Shopping, Work

Hahahaha….the heading pretty much sums up my feelings about car shopping. Not only are there so many choices, but why does pretty much every car salesman have to be so pushy? I don’t think it helps that we’re planning to finance 🙂 There’s no point having a good credit score if you don’t have a long enough credit history!

Anyway, enough whining (I seem be doing that a lot since I started working 🙂 hehehe), hopefully we can find a loan and a car soon! If we don’t, I’m just going to get a bicycle and get ready to start riding 50 miles to San Ramon cause it’ll be easier in the long run! 😀 Hahahahaha 😀

Update 9/16/2007 – Yay, things are starting to look up, financing’s not an issue. Now we just INS to hurry up and confirm our legal status so we can get our CA licence’s 🙂

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