I teach 3rd Grade now!

06 Nov 2007 09:02 pm | Category: Sharn, Work

So, as some of you know. I was a full-time substitute teacher. I traveled between campuses to substitute wherever needed. This was Challenger School’s training system for their new teachers. It was great! I really learned a lot and met a lot of people.

Well, last Thursday & Friday, I was interviewed again. This time, it was to take up a class on my own. There is a teacher who is resigning and I was interviewed for the position! And they’ve offered me the position!

This position is for a different campus. My home campus is about 20 minutes drive from home. But this new campus that I’ll be teaching at is only 4 minutes drive! Seriously not even 5 minutes! It’s great! Only thing is that I’ll miss my kids and my colleagues at Harwood campus. I made great friends, and I got to really know and love the kids there. I was so sad to leave, but yet excited about this new endeavour!

When I was a sub, I just showed up to work and go home when I’m done for the day. But as a teacher with my own class, I have to plan lessons, grade, meet with parents, prepare report cards, the whole nine yards! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now. But it’ll probably get better after a couple of weeks.

Today was the first day I was in the class, and I can tell that I’m gonna love it!

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  1. Sarah on November 7th, 2007 at 7:39 am

    Woah that’s great! It really is! And less than 5 minutes journey? That’s like 15 minutes more of sleeping in for you! Heheh.. Congrats to u! I’m sure you’ll love your new job! Have fun with the kids! 😀

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