Happy New Year!

13 Jan 2008 03:19 pm | Category: Celebrations, Church, Life

Happy New Year to everybody! Things are finally settling down after the Christmas break. We had a really great Christmas holiday with my mom visiting us. Basically, you can sum up what we did over the two week period in about 3 words: EAT, SLEEP, WII. We played the Wii with my mom, with our friends, with some kids from our Church, and by ourselves. Those three things were pretty much the only constants over our vacation 🙂

Last year, Sharn and I started our Christmas tradition of having Chinese Hot Pot for a Christmas Eve dinner and we were able to continue that tradition this year with my mom. The only hiccup this year was that our electric mini stove that we used to heat the pot comes from Singapore where they have a different voltage and our transformer died on us about 15 min into dinner 🙁 We were lucky though that Chinese grocery stores don’t believe in closing for Christmas and so I was able to run to the store to get a gas camping stove! I was worried we’d have to all crowd round the stove top in our kitchen to cook!

A first for this year was baking the Christmas turkey. So far, since we’ve been married, we’ve either cooked something else (like duck) or been fortunate enough to go to someone else’s house where they made the turkey. Unfortunately, this year, the turkey making duties for my extended family in the Bay Area fell to us. Good thing, my mom the Chef was around to help us with it! The turkey turned out wonderful and I’ll be sure to make an update later and add post some of the photos that we took.

For New Year’s, we went over to the house of some friends from Church for dinner (where we played the Wii) and then came home and played the Wii till 11:55pm when we switched to the TV to watch the ball drop. Not too sure why they always advertise it as “Live from Times Square in New York” when New York is like 3 hours ahead of us… I have to also say, it seems to get less and less dramatic each year. It kinda felt like a let-down after seeing what they showed on TV. Maybe we need to actually go out somewhere exciting to see it next year.

On a side note, yesterday we had dinner at this Bay Area gathering of Chinese saints and were able to see Sister Chong and Sister Soh. Both are doing well and it was really fun for Sharn to catch up with them. We were both surprised (kinda) to see Sister Soh still looks the same from when we were at BYU except instead of heels, she’s got sensible missionary shoes on 🙂

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