California is COLD!!

24 Jan 2008 07:04 pm | Category: California, Weather

Ok, so one of the biggest reasons for why we left Utah is because I can’t stand the snow and the cold! But I found out these past few days that San Jose is cold too! It’s about 40F (4C) and plus the wind chill factor, it goes down to about 30F (0C)! Gosh! I was actually going to get rid of some winter clothes because we were moving to a warmer climate. But luckily I decided to only vacuum pack all our winter clothes. Well, I wasn’t going to take our winter clothes out from the vacuum packs, but I had no choice because I was starting to freeze! We even have snow in the Santa Cruz mountains. They closed down I-5 because of the snow! Woah! Oh well, I guess at least I don’t have to drive in the snow…

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