In memory of President Hinckley

04 Feb 2008 07:37 pm | Category: Church, Sharn

The only prophet that I knew when I was growing up was President Hinckley. I remember having my second ear holes pierced and then when he came up with the only one set of earrings rule, I took off my second pair of earrings. I remember when he came to Singapore, and I got to shake his hand because my dad was on the High Council, and I got to tag along. I remember the 6 B’s and to this day, one of my email password is still one of the 6 B’s! I remember when I was at the Hong Kong temple dedication, and there he was in the same building as I am. And I remember the times we skipped out on class to wait in line outside the Marriott Center because he was coming to speak at BYU. I will certainly remember this wonderful man and I will be ever grateful to the positive influence he’s had in my life, especially during my youth.

When I first heard about his passing, it was from Eric. It was actually Eric’s birthday, but since it was a Sunday, we were at home. I was actually sleeping because I wasn’t feeling very well, down with the flu. Eric woke me up to tell me the news, and the my first inclination was that, “He can finally be with his wife again.” And I fell right back to sleep. This past Sunday, there was so much testimony bearing at church about how President Hinckley has touched each person’s life one way or another. I love President Hinckley, and I will miss him. This man was truly a prophet of God.

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  1. Sarah on February 5th, 2008 at 9:18 am

    I agree. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your feelings about President Hinckley. It is very touching! Heh. I love our dear prophet too. 🙂

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