Carissa’s Recital

10 May 2008 08:26 pm | Category: Music, Sharn

Today was fun! I hung out with my branch president’s family. Their oldest daughter, Carissa, is nine and in the 4th grade class right next door to my 3rd grade class. Carissa invited me to her violin recital. I’d never been to a violin recital before. This gives me an idea of what to expect for my kids in the future!

It was really cool. The kids were awesome. They prepared very well. There was one student who was 70! He started taking piano lessons a year and a half ago. Shows that age should never stop a person from learning!

I took some videos with my cell phone, but it wouldn’t let me upload! It says the video doesn’t meet requirement guidelines. Ok. Sad. But at least it let me upload my pictures.

After the recital we had a little refreshment. It was more like a dinner! Asian parents. They went all out! Food was great!

Oh, and I have to add that the photo taking was CRAZY!! Parents taking photos are worse than the paparazzi! But of course, I’ll probably be like that too!

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