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17 May 2008 03:26 pm | Category: Travel, Work

Michelangelo\'s Madonna with Chile in BruggeI’ve been getting some comments lately from those of you who read our blog that Sharn’s been doing all the blogging…so here I am!

I’ve been in Europe for the past 3 weeks (same countries as before, Switzerland and Germany so far) for work.  I have to say, the first time was a lot better, mainly cause it was so new I think.  If Sharn was able to come this time, that would have been more fun (cue the “awwww”).

Last time, I spent weekends in the following places:

  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Minden, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany,
  • London, England
  • Visited family in England

So this time, of course I had to be different and see other places.  So far this time, I’ve been to:

  • Lausanne, Switzerland and Bern, Switzerland
  • Brussels, Belgium and Brugge, Belgium
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I’ll end out the weekends with another visit to my family again.  I was hoping to hit Paris on my way from Germany to England, but unfortunately, I have to stay in Germany longer than expected.  What I really need to do is commit to spending like a month in Europe with Sharn so we can wear ourselves out traveling all over!  I still want to go to Prague, Vienna, Rome, and Barcelona!  Not too sure what’s in Portugal, but I’m sure it’d be fun to visit there too.

I guess enough rambling from me, I just thought now’d be a good time to post, while I’m relaxing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (and no, I haven’t tried any special brownies!).  Oh, the photo is of the only piece of artwork by Michelangelo to ever leave Italy during his lifetime.  It’s a sculpture of the Madonna (Mary) and the Child (the Savior) and is found in the “Our Lady’s Church” in Brugge, Belgium.

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