Another weekend

18 May 2008 09:01 pm | Category: Sharn

You know what. It’s a lot of effort thinking of a catchy title for a blog post. So, I give up. I’m just not good at that kinda stuff.

Anyway, so while Eric was getting knocked up over in Amsterdam, 😛 I spent time with Joyce, who’s stopped over in California before she heads back to Singapore. Her brother, Patrick, lives here too, so we spent our Saturday together. We went to Oakland Chinatown to get some cheap, yummy yum cha. It was only $17 for the 3 of us and we ate our fill! Then we went to the Oakland Temple VC to see Sister Chong and Sister Soh. Sister Chong has only 2 more transfers before she’s done with her mission! Time flies! They’re doing awesome, btw.

After Oakland, Joyce and I headed to a karaoke bar and sang 2 hours to our heart’s content. Actually, to my heart’s content would have been all night, but they charge by the hour, so, 2 hours just had to do. I haven’t sang like that in over 2 years. It felt good!

So, Saturday was fun filled. Sunday was fun filled too. We had Linger Longer after church today. I made little sausages with swiss cheese and bread wrapped around it.

I don’t really know what you call this. But I would call it a hit! It was gone in a snap. Yum!

2 Responses to “Another weekend”

  1. Lynn on May 19th, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    hey that looks tasty. do you have the recipe for it?

  2. Sarah on May 20th, 2008 at 9:10 am

    Wow its sure looks yummy!! can u make it for me when i’m there too? Hehe..26 more days. Yay!! And counting down. Lol!
    What songs did u sing with Joyce?? Haha! Amei?

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