The most diverse city in the world…

23 May 2008 11:44 am | Category: Eric, Travel

Dunno if that’s really true about Amsterdam, but supposedly they have over 170 different nationalities represented there, about 20 more than even New York City!

Amsterdam was definitely the most fun city I’ve been to this time round in Europe.  Lausanne was very idyllic, Brussels had cool architecture, but Amsterdam was fun!  The tourists definitely make parts of the city pretty nasty, but the people are so friendly (not in that way if you’re thinking it) and tolerant.  Just walking around the city, the first thing you notice about it is that you’re surrounded by really cool architecture.  It’s totally different from all the Gothic architecture I’ve been seeing in other parts of Europe.

Amsterdam Canal

Best of all…they actually have GOOD Chinese food!  Yay!  I was blown away by the amount of Chinese people in the city.  There were a ton in Brussels too, but those were all tourists.  These ones are actually locals!  Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to see how much Chinese groceries cost, but it’s made living in continental Europe suddenly attractive.

The Red Light district (De Wallen) was interesting 🙂 It was definitely a random place to meet a guy from Singapore.  But there you go, you can always find someone with something in common with you in the city.  I was amazed at vast range of people you find in the Red Light district.  There were groups of grandmas walking around, bachelor parties, couples, and even families with kids!  Here’s a safe look at one of the cooler alleys in the area:

The narrowest alley

Anyway, I had a blast in Amsterdam just chillin’ and walking around the city.  Definitely have to go back so I can go to the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt’s house, and the Anne Frank house.

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  1. Fernando on June 23rd, 2008 at 7:42 am

    Did you know that there are approximately 224 different languages spoken in Los Angeles? Pretty impressive!

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