Another school year!

23 Aug 2009 04:16 pm | Category: Sharn, Work

Summer is officially over! School is starting tomorrow. Wow, can’t believe how short this summer seemed. It felt like it went by so fast. It was a jam-packed summer. In 2 months we moved to a new apartment, went to England, went to Australia, had friends come visit, and put on 5 pounds. Yah, the last one not so fun.

I’m still working at Challenger School. Our campus has really expanded! The Pomeroy campus’s lease was up, so they moved all the teachers over. That campus only had preschool and kindergarten. Now we have almost 850 students and almost a hundred staff (and still less than 50 parking spots!!) We have a new elementary director, and I’m teaching a new grade! I taught 3rd grade the last two years. This year I’m going to be teaching 2nd grade. I didn’t really have much of a say in that. Enrollment for 3rd grade this year dropped significantly, so they had to drop one class. And there was an increase in enrollment for 2nd grade, so they had to add another class! Which works out for me I guess. If enrollment dropped, and they had to let go of any teachers, it would probably would have been me since I was the newest teacher! So, new year, new grade.

I’m excited about teaching 2nd grade. In 2nd grade, they’re still young and innocent. They still want to please you and want you to like them. So, it’s easier to make them do things you want them to. In 3rd grade, they’ve got more of their own initiative and sometimes rather cheeky, and not as cute anymore. In 2nd grade, they’re still cute. So, I’m excited!!

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