First day of 2nd grade

24 Aug 2009 04:43 pm | Category: Sharn, Work

I’m exhausted!!! Seriously! I think I had too much fun over the summer, and too much lazing around, that the first day of work just completely exhausted me! I even had plenty of sleep last night! I slept for at least 8 hours last night. But being on your feet and talking for 6 hours is exhausting. Especially when you have to be entertaining! You have to speak with lots of energy, wave your arms and act silly so they have your attention. 2nd grade is exhausting!!!!

3rd grade last year, the students were more independent. They actually listen, even if you’re on your down day and just can’t be that upbeat for 6 hours. But 2nd grade, no! Any minute you lose the energy, you lose them. There has to be a better way to be engaging, but not to the point of exhaustion. Or is there? Maybe you just need that kind of energy and character to keep their attention.

I have a great class, though. 5 boys and 16 girls. The boys are so well-behaved!! Usually the boys are the trouble makers. But this year, most likely I have girls as my trouble makers. There’s this one girl, OMG!! Killing me! Cannot sit still, cannot stand still, doesn’t listen. I’m gonna have to move her to the front of the class under my nose.

There’s still so much getting used to in 2nd grade. I need to get over this learning curve. I was at least 20 minutes behind on each subject today. Good things it’s just the first day of school and it’s just a lot of practicing routines and procedures. So, I did get done with all I needed to do today.

Ugh! And extended class is in my classroom. That means no peace and quiet for me in my room after school. Kids are there. Parents come in to pick up the kids. Ugh!!!

Ah well, tomorrow is another day. Good luck to me!

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