05 Apr 2011 02:52 am | Category: Ethan

I can’t believe my little baby is teething! He’s not even 6 months old yet! I’ve noticed that he drools a lot and loves chewing on his fingers. People have mentioned that they’re early signs of teething. But I didn’t expect it to come so soon! Now and then I feel his lower gum with my fingers, just to check. Last Friday, I did it again and that was when I noticed something sharp! I remember I was visiting Sudie then, she just had a baby, and I had brought over a new outfit my mother-in-law bought for her new baby. When I felt the sharpness on his lower gums, I was definitely surprised, a little excited, and somewhat worried about what nursing will be like with little teeth! Yikes! My little baby is growing up!!

This same weekend, we also have our first cold. Baby EJ’s got a runny nose and a hacking cough with lots of phlegm. Poor baby 🙁 At times he coughs so much that he chokes and his whole face turns red. I’ve stayed home with him for the past 3 days. Yep, I haven’t left the house in 3 days. Hopefully, staying out of the elements will prevent his illness from worsening. And hopefully staying home will also help him nap more. Lucky for us, he doesn’t have a fever. He seems normal. He’s laughing and playing around like normal. It just breaks my heart to hear his little coughs! Hopefully he gets better soon.




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