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14 Apr 2011 12:50 pm | Category: Ethan, Music

Here we are again. Sitting in the car cos baby EJ is fast asleep in his car seat. This is totally my fault, though. I knowingly left the house when it was his nap time!

One of the mothers at my Mommy and Me group at the hospital told me about this baby sing-along program at the library every Thursday. That sounded awesome! So of course I have to go check it out. I love singing and hopefully EJ will learn to love music and singing too! But I learned that the time was at 10:30. That’s the time where EJ usually goes down for his nap. I told myself that if he falls asleep before we have to leave the house, we won’t go. He was still awake at 10:20, and so we went! But honestly, I thought I saw a little yawn already. Yikes! I took him anyway!

We had a lot of fun at the class. The girl who led the class was probably really new at this, though. She wasn’t very good, but I can see she was trying. She’s an intern. Weren’t we all at that stage some point in our lives? Learning experience! Secretly though, the teacher in me wanted to get up there and take over the class. I knew the lyrics and actions to most of the songs she was teaching. Ironically, she didn’t! She had to keep going back to the CD. Lesson 1 of teaching: Know your subject well!!! (Those Challenger School teacher workshops have been deeply ingrained in me!) She should really have learned the songs well before trying to teach them before a class of very noisy mothers and babies! Seriously, some mothers! If you’re gonna chat and not participate with your baby, go somewhere else!! I thought they were very rude and disruptive. The girl that was leading the class wasn’t speaking very loud either, so that didn’t help. Then again, if she knew her subject well, she would be more confident, and would probably speak louder. Lol! Know your subject well!!! Nevertheless, we’ll still try and come next time. I like the library.

So, EJ really enjoyed himself. He was laughing and babbling a lot. Didn’t seem sleepy. (But I know he was tired, he just loves to play.) We even got two music CDs while we were at the library. They’re both for babies. One cd is in Chinese and the other one is a Beethoven cd. I really like the Chinese one! I actually recognize a lot of the songs on there. We haven’t listened to the Beethoven one yet, but from the cover, it looked really fun!

Since he was still awake, and since we were out, I decided to go to Costco. I had to fill up the car. The gas station near our place was up to $4.23 a gallon!! So, if possible, I try to go to Costco, which is only $4.09 a gallon. And plus, we got the Costco coupons, which are valid starting today, so off to Costco it was!

He was fine in the car on the way to Costco. But it was while I waiting in line to get gas when he started crying!! I figured he might cry himself to sleep. He does that a lot. Nope! But the minute I picked him up from the car seat, he stopped crying. I thought maybe he might fall asleep as I carry him around in my sling. Nope! So we paid, and left Costco. The minute I put him back into his car seat, he starts crying. But when I started driving, it was all quiet. I knew he had fallen asleep.

It’s really hard to go places and get things done if we have to work around his nap schedule. This week we already missed our Tuesday and Wednesday hike because he was still napping! I try. Do the best we can and make the best out of it, right? As long as EJ is a happy and healthy baby. 🙂

So happy after his nap

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