Naked Baby

17 Apr 2011 09:40 pm | Category: Ethan

We went to Eric’s manager’s place on Saturday to check out their Kinect. Eric really liked it. Sean (his manager) has been trying to convince me to let Eric get one. I honestly don’t think Eric will do it even if I was ok with it. It’s too big a purchase!

They had a big dog. I think it’s a Doberman. They said he was about 110 pounds. Yikes!! He was a really friendly dog, though. He doesn’t really bark. He likes to get close to you and sniff and lick you. He liked licking EJ’s feet. Kinda gross :/ So when we got home, we wanted to change EJ’s clothes because of the dog hair. He was so tired, he passed out even before we could get clothes on him. He had too much fun watching his dad dance in front of the tv and watching the big doggy.



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