Officially, officially moved out

30 Jun 2011 09:11 pm | Category: Housing

We did a last walk through, checked the mail for the last time, and turned in our keys to the apartment. So sad!! It was really nostalgic walking through the apartment for the last time. We’d spent four years living in the apartment complex. Two years in a one bedroom, then the last two years in a two bedroom. Eric said that it was like in college, and I said we “graduated” with a baby. Lol! (Yes, I’m funny). We’re definitely going to miss that place.

We moved into the new place two weeks ago, but our lease wasn’t up until the end of the month. The move went so quickly! I only moved two boxes! And that’s two PIZZA boxes! I went out to get lunch for our wonderful friends who helped us moved, and when I came back, they were already done. They’re simply amazing.

There are so many things that I’ll miss. The 5 minute walk to the grocery store, and 10 minute walk to the Chinese supermarket. The granite counter tops. The air conditioning. The 2nd bathroom. The walk-in closet. The pool (which we didn’t even use this year!). The gym. The maintenance people at our beck and call. Change is indeed never easy, but I guess life must go on, right?

I was having serious thoughts about whether we made the right choice to move. We have a wonderful backyard here, but I’ve only been out to the yard twice in these two weeks. I’m not a backyard kinda gal. I’ve never lived in a house, only apartments. The yard takes a little getting used to. The appliances here are older, not like the updated kitchen in the apartment. And I’ve already had several encounters with spiders, ants, and a giant beetle-looking insect (I have no idea what it was, but it was HUGE) in the house. We never had bug problems in the apartment. I guess I’ll have more of that to look forward to since we have a luscious backyard with sweet orange trees!

It honestly doesn’t feel like home 100% yet. But I guess we just need to finish up unpacking! We’re mostly done. We have a couple of boxes here and there. And we still need to get a dining table. I’m sure once we’re completely settled in, it’ll feel like home.


Last photo in APT 2201!

EJ enjoying the granite countertops for the last time



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  1. Sudie Law on June 30th, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    U will enjoy ur backyard soon lah!!!

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