6 years!

22 Dec 2011 10:30 pm | Category: Celebrations

Six years today Eric and I were married and sealed for all time and eternity in the Sydney, Australia temple. Six years!! We didn’t really do anything special today to celebrate. Eric went to work and I was home with EJ trying to get Christmas things done. In the evening we helped Rie out with a service project to fill ten bags of food for ten families in our stake. Rie was so sweet! She made a cake especially for us (I’d like to think it was especially for us!) It was a carrot cake with the number six decorated on top of the frosting with nuts. It was Eric’s turn to get the gift this year and he got me a 75 minute massage at a spa. Heavenly!! Can’t wait to go! I planned a dinner at Spencers and then the IMAX movie, Mission Impossible. But EJ’s sick. Can’t really get anyone to watch him cos he’s contagious! So we’ll have to do our dinner and movie next week. Life is really different with a kid. But it’s been six crazy, wonderful years! And many more to come!


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