Happy Mother’s Day!

14 May 2012 07:25 am | Category: Celebrations

Celebrated my second Mother’s Day this year. Last year we didn’t take any photos and all I got from Eric was an e-card. Haha. Typical Eric. This year we made sure to take photos so it can go into my scrapbook. And Eric even got me flowers! Good job Eric. The delivery people came so early on Saturday morning, and Eric was out cycling, I answered the door in my sleepy face/hair and pjs. Lol! Embarrassing.

Our branch had the men cook and we had a mother’s day linger longer after church. Last year they did such a great job, this year’s expectations were high! And they delivered! Food was so yummy. Too bad I can’t eat much! I didn’t get to try everything. Not even John Thompson’s crepes that he spent 3 hours making. Too full 🙁 Eric made steamed glutinous rice. Everyone said how delicious it was. Good job Eric! Thank goodness we have a tried and true recipe for that! He woke up at 6am to cook. But too bad he didn’t get to try his food! He had to leave for his training to Cleveland that day. Boo… So, EJ and I are left to fend for ourselves this week.



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